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We build customised insulated vans and insulation to meet the specific transport needs of each individual customer.




We build customised insulated vans and insulation to meet the specific transport needs of each individual customer.




Who is

NuovaMetal Plast

Founded in 1979, Nuova Metal-Plast has always paid great attention to the quality of raw materials and the innovation of production processes. Ultimate goal: complete customer satisfaction.


of experience

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The vehicles produced are guaranteed for 1 year. Our experts remain at the customer’s disposal even after delivery of the insulated vehicle, to provide all-round service.
Service and Repair

Our service includes the possibility of ordering spare parts and requesting repair and maintenance work on the vehicle and refrigeration units.

ATP Tests and Renewals

Our vehicles are sold with ATP certification valid for six years. After this period has expired, our test centre will renew the certification every three years.

Documentation Updates

We offer the service of updating the registration certificate of the insulated vehicle and any other documentation requested by the customer.

Decorations and anti-theft systems

We decorate vehicles with customer-selected logos and slogans and install block shaft anti-theft systems, central door locking systems and reversing sensors.

Do you need assistance?

In case of need, do not hesitate to contact us.


3. Panel production
We combine fibreglass and insulation materials to create 'sandwich' panels that provide absolute thermal insulation.
2. Designing
Solidworks technology allows us to design faster and more accurately.
1. Consulting
We listen carefully to the customer to best understand his needs.
6. Quality control
Our experts check that the vehicle is perfectly customised and compliant with regulations.
5. Finishing
We decorate the vehicle and install anti-theft systems and cameras if requested by the customer.
4. Assembly
We assemble the panels and complete the vehicle with the accessories requested by the customer.

Why choose us?

We carefully follow all stages of the project, from consulting to quality control of the finished product, to realise a solution that fully satisfies the customer according to his needs and the type of goods transported.
Environmental Protection
Nuova Metal-Plast actively contributes to the protection of the land and the environment in general. Indeed, for years we have been using gases and materials with a low environmental impact, and we rely on partners who invest in renewable energy.
The fittings that come off our lines are homologated according to the standards of the international ATP agreement and are installed on any type of industrial or commercial vehicle in compliance with the directives issued by the manufacturers.
Fast delivery
Located in Italy's Food Valley, the company has been recognised for decades as an expert and reliable producer by companies in the area and beyond: in fact, we guarantee speedy delivery to customers throughout Italy, islands included.
Nuova Metal-Plast independently manages relations with partners and supply companies, thus acting as a single point of contact with the customer: an approach that enables processes to be speeded up and all requests to be met quickly.


We rely on the best brand manufacturers of road transport equipment and accessories. Our trusted partners use first-class materials, built with the best technology.
Quality and excellent performance are assured.


We are in the Food Valley of Italy

land of quality and excellence.


Nuova Metal-Plast – S.R.L.

Via San Vitale n. 9

43038 Sala Baganza – Parma

Phone. 0521 833014

Working hours:

Monday-Friday: 08:00 – 16:30

Saturday morning: by appointment only

Sunday: Closed