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Innovative, durable and tailor-made solutions for every need.

We build customised isothermal vans that can be equipped according to the specific transport needs of the individual customer. Side openings, multi-temperature environments, mobile and fixed bulkheads, shelves, compartments for optimal space distribution and other accessories facilitate the loading and unloading of goods without compromising on quality and freshness.

Reliable, robust, safe.

We also design insulation that, thanks to its excellent heat dispersion coefficient, guarantees absolute thermal insulation and the maintenance of the ideal temperature for the correct storage of goods during transport.

Nuova Metal-Plast vans are characterised by an excellent heat dispersion coefficient (K), achieved by the absence of significant thermal bridges, and a low tare weight made of polyurethane foam, glass fibres and polyester resins. The insulation materials are made from non-polluting gas foams and the inner lining is made from plastic laminates suitable for food transport. Our solutions are specially designed to facilitate the transport of the following product categories: dairy products, meat and fish, fruit, flowers, pharmaceuticals and other perishable goods.

Isothermal van
lightweight range

Built on a lightweight frame, it provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and excellent transportability up to 7 tonnes, making it ideal for small-scale distribution.


We install isothermal insulation on various types of commercial vehicles. Our insulations, together with the installation of FNAX and FRCX refrigerators, ensure optimal thermal insulation and safe transport of goods.

Isothermal van
medium-heavy range

Medium-heavy-duty isothermal van: the robust chassis guarantees practicality, reliability and long-term safety when transporting goods up to 18 tonnes. Innovative structural features ensure smooth transport in a variety of contexts.

Isothermal van heavy range

The extremely robust chassis is capable of supporting and transporting weights of up to 18 tonnes. Our tractors and trailers are designed for long-distance transport and therefore guarantee maximum capacity, flexibility and durability.

Marks and certifications
The entire product range and all raw materials used are approved according to A.T.P. standards and accompanied by a guarantee certificate.